Parametric model of the inrun and outrun of a ski jumping hill

Sabina Saje

University of Ljubljana


This master’s thesis shows the potential of a global parametric model for the design of a ski jumping hill. Using visual scripting for the generation of geometry, especially in early stages of a project, could significantly speed up the design process and generate variations in seconds that would otherwise take weeks.

Parametric modelling allows for to generate a complex geometry of ski jumps according to the FIS standards. The solutions allows for the use of graphical sliders or numerical input to define key parameters of a ski jumping hill. With the same principle, we can also create other parametric parts of a ski jump, such as safety rails, load bearing elements and starting platforms.

The first half of the thesis gives an overview of the theory for the design of jumping hill and the basics of the parametric modelling. The second half of the thesis describes the design process of the model with parametric visual scripting modelling tool Grasshopper, and shows the possibility of connecting Grasshopper to ArchiCAD, a building information modelling software. The final part of the thesis demonstrates the comparison of world famous jumping hills’ characteristics to values as prescribed by the FIS standard. The two jumping hills, that follow the standard the most, are then modelled with the newly made parametric generator of ski jumps. The final part of the thesis shows the conclusions and the discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of visual scripting parametric tools for the design of a ski jumping hill.


See the Master thesis here -> https://repozitorij.uni-lj.si/Dokument.php?id=97970&lang=slv

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