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Participation costs

The tuition fee for the BIM A+ programme is 9,000 Euro. This covers the administrative costs of the programme (registration, enrolment, subscription, administrative support, access to faculty and university services, the organisation of the case studies, the thesis defence, and other expenditures directly linked to the organisation of the course) as well as the insurance intrinsic to the institution where the student is enrolled.

Participation costs only cover administrative fees and the academic costs of the programme. They do not include costs for living, housing and travel.


The cost of living is variable, depending on the course location. On average terms, minimum monthly expenses (including accommodation and meals) are about:

  • 700 Euro in Guimarães (Portugal)
  • 700 Euro in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Detailed information about the cost of living breakdown can be found in the Student Guides above.

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