First day of the European Master in BIM.

BIM A+ has started its 2019/2020 edition

BIM A+ is On!

The European Master in Building Information Modelling has started its 2019/2020 edition.

Simultaneous activities have happened at both coursework locations for this year: University of Minho and University of Ljubljana.

After the Welcome Week, the students will start with the programme by learning about “Management of Information and Collaboration in BIM”.

The Master combines the diversity of expertise at leading European universities in the relevant fields, offering education oriented to a multidisciplinary understanding of virtual construction through the involvement of experts from complementary fields (engineers, architects, programmers and others).

In the classroom there is a very diversified group of students. There are 45 students, 30 male and 15 female, from 27 nationalities and four different continents – Africa, America, Asia and Europe. It’s an Eramus+ opportunity for all the students: the opportunity to develop and to share knowledge and experiences at institutions or organisations in different countries, and also to develop new connections and to know new cultures.

Have great and successful year!

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