BIM on WCF 2019 that marked 100 years of University of Ljubljana

World Construction Forum 2019 (WCF 2019) on Buildings and Infrastructure Resilience hosted over 600 participants – scientists, researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, professors, students, policy makers, public officials as well as representatives from construction industry – from 50 countries from 5 continents.

One of the key themes of WCF 2019 was BIM lifecycle, facility and asset management, chaired by BIM A+ UL Coordinator, professor CEROVŠEK. There are two important results of the WCF 2019: Ljubljana Declaration and recorded presentations.

(1) Ljubljana Declaration on Buildings and Infrastructure Resilience exposes BIM as a backbone technology for the future of construction and digital twins and stresses that the complexity of the life-cycle of infrastructure projects can be better managed if projects at different scales, phases and various domains are developed collaboratively as dependent socio-technical systems. Building Information Modelling that supports the evolution of active digital twins can develop and advance design, construction and operation. Integrated design technologies, facility management and asset management systems with real-time sensing and analysis of structural and environmental data can improve the capacity and resilience of buildings and infrastructure.

(2) The recorded presentations shall provide a valuable source of information for BIM A+ students. One of the keynote presentations that resonated the most was delivered by Mark COLEMAN who presented the Crossrail project in London https://youtu.be/F-LIFITM5FQ

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