Interview with Mohamed, Tassiane & Andraž after 2 months on BIM A+

Meet our students: Mohamed Safwat, Tassiane Brazzalle, and Andraž Starc. They were asked to share their experience and feelings about these first months on BIM A+ Master.

Watch this video to learn more about the reasons why they chose the BIM specialization, what they are finding so far about the coursework, how COVID-19 is affecting their experience, what are their advice to applicants, and what are their expectations after the course.

In the meantime, don’t forget to apply for BIM A+ European Master! The 1st call is open until 31st January, and every application submitted within this deadline is automatically considered also as an application to an Erasmus+ scholarship.

For more information go to our website: Applications 2021/2022 | BIM A+ European Master in BIM (bimaplus.org)


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