Fire safety analysis of the Crystal Palace based on optimized BIM model

Dejan Semič

University of Ljubljana


This master’s thesis comprehensively explores fire safety in high-rise buildings. A fire safety analysis was performed on a model of the Crystal Palace skyscraper, which, at 89 meters, is the tallest building in Slovenia today (2016). A BIM model of the entire building was generated (Archicad) to be used with the software for fire (PyroSim) and evacuation analysis (Pathfinder). The BIM model of the building was optimized in a way it could be directly imported into the software for fire and evacuation analysis. The fire safety analysis of the Crystal Palace was performed in line with the most recent applicable Slovenian laws, and technical guidelines TSG-1-001:2010 and MHHR (Muster-Hochhaus-Richtlinie, 2008). Furthermore, a comparison of the fire study performed as a part of this thesis and an existing study that was carried out in accordance with the Swiss VKF guidelines is presented. The study data were also used to prepare a fire safety statement for the concerned building. In the scope of the fire analysis, three key (reference) floors were analyzed using PyroSim software. All fire systems which are located in the studied fire compartments (floors) were taken into account in the numerical model, i.e. the automatic fire detection and fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, mechanical smoke extraction system and natural smoke and heat extraction system. The results of the spread of smoke over the floor were taken into account in the evacuation analysis in Pathfinder which was used to analyze the speed of evacuation from the building. Furthermore, the importance of the fireman’s elevator is also presented (analysed) in the numerical studies. The last part of the thesis is dedicated to the analysis of the security lighting on the reference floor which was performed in DIALux. In order to present the key results of the analyses, a video animation was created in Lumion.


See the Master thesis here -> https://repozitorij.uni-lj.si/IzpisGradiva.php?lang=eng&id=87975

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