Find out more about our associated partner – TeamFlow

TeamFlow® is the process builder that gives you fast, clear and consistent diagrams. This helps you answer the “Who, What, When and How?” of every activity in your organization. TeamFlow not only shows the order of your steps, but it also shows how ownership passes from one person to the next. Each diagram is based on a network graph model – giving you more than a simple picture. This allows you to easily switch contexts from the diagram mode (which visualizes your process flow) to Word and Spreadsheet-like interfaces.

TeamFlow also helps you to easily and clearly understand the processes that make up your organization. Features including real-time collaboration, process mining, process repositories, process/workflow automation, project/process management and more. TeamFlow is also building a large library of process templates ranging from purchase order and procurement processes to beer brewing and storytelling.

About TeamFlow: originally created in the late ’80s as a desktop app based on the management model developed by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. TeamFlow has been in use by both small and large organizations such as Ford, Boeing, Philips and many others. In 2019, the product was rebuilt from the ground up in modern web technologies with all new features.

We thank Teamflow being associated to our Master and are confident that this partnership is an added value for the excellence of BIM A+ European Master!

Find more about TeamFlow on www.teamflow.com

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