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Planning advantages, creating challenges

In IBE we see our mission as providing consulting, design and engineering services in the areas of energy, industry, infrastructure, public sector and environmental protection, taking into account the highest quality standards in such matter that demanding expectations of our clients are met, guaranteed business success realized and motivational working conditions for our employees created.

IBE operates as an independent design engineering and consulting company, working for the interest of our clients, public interest and in accordance with the professional criteria. We only play one part in the projects and we avoid the conflict of interest. The professional and business independence of our work is guaranteed also by the parent company IBE Holding, d.d., which is organized as a partnership system and owned by a wider circle of our employees.

We use modern project management methods in our work, with BIM technology playing a major role.


Company Identity Card

Company name:           IBE d.d.

Registered Office:         Hajdrihova ulica 4, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Telephone:                 +386 1 477 61 00

Website:                     www.ibe.si

Annual turnover:          ca. 15.000.000 EUR

Membership:               NACES, FIDIC, EFCA, CIGRE, SLOCOLD (ICOLD), WEC

Certificates:                 Quality Assurance System in accordance with the ISO 9001

Staff structure:            160 employees – 3 Doctor of Science, 12 Master of Science, 110 employees with different levels of university or college degree, 35 employees with secondary or post-secondary education degree

(civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, power engineering, industrial engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, surveying, economics, law, computer science and information technology)

Key activities

In order to be able to place complete proposals and provide high quality services our experts are required to master an extremely large field of comprehensive know – how. They are engaged in all levels of the complete investment process ranging from research, feasibility studies, design documentation, supervision, engineering and final commissioning.


  • Elaborating of different types of design documentations including detail design documentation, tender documents, expert studies, mandatory and non-mandatory reports, feasibility studies and other investment documentation, spatial and environmental documentation, other documentation related to construction.
  • Providing of different technical consulting services like project management, design revision, review, assessment and comparison of tenders, acquiring of project conditions, consents and permits, etc.


  • Supervision of all professions within and beyond the scope required by the Construction Act.


  • Services within the project designing scope, construction and assembly works, testing and commissioning, hand-over of the facility to the client.

Most demanding (core) market segments


  • Hydro power and hydraulic engineering, thermal power, nuclear and radiation facilities, distribution substations and switchyards, OH transmission lines and cable lines, control centres, solar power plants.


  • Automobile industry, metal processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical, rubber and other processing industry, wood and paper processing industry, logistics and transport.


  • Gas pipeline infrastructure, municipal infrastructure, roads and railway infrastructure, oil products storages.


  • Research, education, cultural and sports facilities, health facilities, commercial and residential facilities.


We thank IBE d.d. for being associated to our Master and are confident that this partnership is an added value for the excellence of BIM A+ European Master!

Find more about IBE d.d. on www.ibe.si

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