Find out more about our associated partner – dstgroup

The dstgroup, associated partner of the BIM A+ consortium, have already made the implementation of BIM in collaboration with the University of Minho in order to support specific technical operation along all construction phases, from planning to actual construction. They have already presented some of their achievements in the second Portuguese Congress in BIM (PTBIM).

The dstgroup have defined its targets for the application of digital processes, both in the field of construction optimization (internal control and forecasting areas) and in terms of broadening the scope of proximity to customers (commercial and customer support areas).

Within the internal control and estimating areas of the dstgroup, the objectives of digitization in construction are centered on four main areas: quantity take-off to ensure accuracy and standardization; project compatibility with the detection of errors and omissions; 4D and 5D simulations; and design optimization. Regarding customer support, as an external service, the company intend to implement capacity to provide clash detection, planning, and quantity take-off of the various specialties of the design.

Find out more about the company in www.dstsgps.com

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