“Trend Paper Series” published by the European Commission addresses BIM

For those who are interested in BIM, we now share a “Trend Paper” that the European Construction Sector Observatory, from the European Commission, published last year about “Building Information Modelling in the EU construction sector”.

This document addresses BIM and its implementation in the EU: analyses the drivers, opportunities, and challenges. It also draws recommendations for EU policy makers and other relevant actors on how to support and foster the adoption of BIM by the construction industry.

About the ECSO

“The European construction sector observatory (ECSO) is an initiative under COSME. It regularly analyses and carries out comparative assessments on the construction sector in all 28 EU countries – aiming to keep European policymakers and stakeholders up to date on market conditions and policy developments. Trend papers are analytical reports that describe specific aspects of the main trends in the construction sector. The reports also contain relevant good practice examples from a policy and industry perspective”*.

You can find more information about professional perspectives on BIM in our website.

* Extracted from ESCO webpage.

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