BIM A+ Hybrid Seminar

BIM A+ Hybrid Seminar – May 11th, 15:00 WEST

We invite you to participate in the BIM A+ Hybrid Seminar.
This event will be held at the University of Minho, Campus de Couros – Guimarães in room 1.14 at 15h00 WEST. Online attendance is also available.

Invited Speakers:
Judith Fauth Dr.-Ing., Researcher in Digital Building Permits
“Digitalization of building permit processes – opportunities and challenges”
The lecture includes an introduction regarding the complexity and difficulty of digitalization on building permitting. Then, several projects will be disclosed regarding the BIM subject and digitalization in general. It includes the PhD thesis of Judith Fauth and decision model developed, GEOBIMM project, an ontology and inference machine for decision-support in the authorities, and approach of the new Gaia-X-based project “iECO”.

Ricardo Mateus PhD, Researcher in Decision Analysis Optimization, and Analytics
“Using Multicriteria Decision Analysis and Mathematical Programming for Modeling and Solving Complex Decisions”
Structuring numerous alternative interdependent actions and their consequences across multiple spaces, times, and scales are typically modeled through mathematical programming and then solved through one of the various multiobjective programming methods published in the literature. Multicriteria decision analysis allows a decision maker to represent his/her value and preference systems across multiple conflicting objectives regardless of the actual alternative actions of a decision problem. This talk discusses both approaches and how to combine them into a unique integrated framework by presenting their application through published real-world use cases.

The venue is in Building 1 of “Campus de Couros, Centro Avançado de Formação Pós-Graduada”, Room 1.14 (location link: https://campi.uminho.pt/CC-39.html?room=CC-01-01-36-14)

Participation is free, but requires prior registration by filling out the form available on the following link: https://forms.gle/MUMR5aEHjGqmgrPx7

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