Integrated Surface-Subsurface BIM Design Workflows for Technological Facilities – Camila Andrea Sandoval Bustos

👀 Check this interesting work done by our former student Camila Andrea Sandoval Bustos, 📓 entitled “Integrated Surface-Subsurface BIM Design Workflows for Technological Facilities”. 🌍

“Overall, the thesis consults the actual context of the geological and geotechnical specialities in the BIM world, showing the difficulties in the actual stage of development, definitions, and standards. Considering the context and with the tools used by the company, the thesis proposed a GeoBIM, a surface-subsurface model and a LOD definition to standardize the discipline.”

This dissertation was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Tomo Cerovšek and was presented at the University of Ljubljana

You can read the full dissertation on our website -> https://bimaplus.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/2020-CamilaSandoval-Dissertation.pdf

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