Guidelines for preparation of OIR document for Miastoprojekt Wrocław following ISO 19650 – Anna Kiczak

👀 Check this interesting work done by our former student Anna Kiczak, 📓 entitled “Guidelines for preparation of OIR (Organizational Information Requirements) document for Miastoprojekt Wrocław following ISO 19650”. 🌍

“The very slow but still on-going digital transformation in Poland environment sector requires new standards and methods of project delivery. There is a movement within both public institutions and private companies to develop innovative practices that improve the performance within the construction environment. The justification for Miastoprojekt Wroclaw for implementing the ISO 19650 series as the standard for information management using BIM comes from the need to improve its processes and productivity and move towards digital transformation.”

This dissertation was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Claudio Mirarchi and was presented in Politecnico di Milano. 🇮🇹

You can read the full dissertation on our website -> https://bimaplus.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/2020-AnnaKiczak-Dissertation.pdf

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