Geotechnical BIM for Quantity Take-off in Tunnelling Structures with Ground Deformation – Cristian Rincón

👀 Check this interesting work done by our former student Cristian Rincón, 📓 entitled “Geotechnical BIM for Quantity Take-off in Tunnelling Structures with Ground Deformation”. 🌍

“In this dissertation, the author explores the current development of BIM standards for infrastructure and tunnelling structures through bibliographical research and will explore geotechnical tools for BIM in tunnelling structures, geological and geotechnical modelling, and the interoperability capabilities between modelling tools and geotechnical tools. Using the Second Track Tunnel Divača – Koper (2TDK) project as a case study, the author proposes a workflow for the quantity take-off in NATM Tunnels considering the ground deformation integrating the geotechnical analysis as a part of the BIM process.”

This dissertation was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Aleksander Srdić and Prof. Tomo Cerovšek and was presented at University of Ljubljana 🇸🇮

You can read the full dissertation on our website -> https://bimaplus.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/2020-CristianRincon-Dissertation.pdf

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