BIM A+ International Masters Course

A unique multicenter leading master course in
Building Information Modelling

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Up to 25.000€

Covering tuition fees, travel/installation and monthly subsistence. Application deadline: 31st January 2019.

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Professional perspectives

Be differentiated!

BIM is one of the 10 most promising techs in the E&C industry, according to the WEF, with high employability prospects.

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Academic Year 2019/20

BIM A+ starts in October 2019. Three calls for application exist up to then. The entitlement to EU Grants is only considered in the 1st call.

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BIM A+ is an international Masters Course in Building Information Modelling. BIM A+ will have its first edition in 2019/2020 as an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The objective of BIM A+ is to offer an advanced education programme on BIM integrated design, construction and operation processes, with a strong focus on the collaborative practices that are the cornerstone of such integration. The Master combines the diversity of expertise at leading European universities in the relevant fields, offering education oriented to a multidisciplinary understanding of virtual construction through the involvement of experts from complementary fields (engineers, architects, programmers and others).

The Masters Course has duration of one academic year and is held on a rotating basis among partners, so each student follows coursework in one partner institution and dissertation in another one. The language of instruction and examinations is English. The degree awarded is a Master’s degree, provided as a double degree from the institutions involved.

Scholarships sponsored by the European Union and by the BIM A+ Consortium are available for students coming from any geographical origin.

Applications for BIM A+ are currently closed, but the 2nd call for student application will open in early March.

Visit our news section for information on activities within the BIM A+ Consortium.


We offer the possibility for visiting researchers or professionals who want to carry out research and teaching assignments and scholarly work for the BIM A+ to spend a short research stay at one of the partner universities.

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Stay up to date about the latest trends and insights about BIM A+ and Construction innovations.

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