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The first call of applications for the BIM A+ is now open!

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Students guides

The Erasmus Mundus Masters Students Handbook (Action 1) is envisaged to assist prospective and new Erasmus Mundus students throughout the whole period of their involvement with Erasmus Mundus Master programme. It is published by the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association and can be downloaded here.

The Partner Institutions have also prepared specific Student Guides to assist BIM A+ applicants and students, which can be downloadable below:


The admission fee for the BIM A+ programme is 9,000 Euro (fully covered in EU scholarships; fully/partially covered by Consortium Grants). This covers the administrative costs of the programme (registration, enrolment, subscription, administrative support, access to faculty and university services, the organisation of the case studies, the thesis defence, and other expenditures directly linked to the organisation of the course) and the health insurance.


The cost of living is variable, depending on the course location. On average terms, minimum monthly expenses (including accommodation and meals) are about:

  • 500 Euro in Guimarães (Portugal)
  • 500 Euro in Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • 650 Euro in Milan (Italy)

Detailed information about the cost of living breakdown can be found in the Student Guides above.

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