Applications 2021/2022 - Second Call

Dear applicant,

This is the application form respecting the BIM A+ European Master in Building Information Modelling.

Please read the form carefully and fill in all the possible fields. Do not forget to upload all the required documents/attachments listed. Before starting the application check here the information that you need to provide in the application form. Additionally, you can download in the button below an application sample with all the field that you will need to fill.


The deadline for the electronic submission of the application is May 31, 2021, at 23:59 (UTC – Coordinated Universal Time), including all attachments.

Please note that for the second and third calls there will be no scholarships.

Information: The deadline for the submission of recommendation letters was extended until June 5, 2021, at 23:59 (UTC – Coordinated Universal Time).

Afterwards, selected applicants wishing to enrol in the BIM A+ Masters course will be asked by the BIM A+ Secretariat to submit hard-copies of all attachments.

If you have already started to fill your application, use your save&resume link. Otherwise, create a new application by pressing the button below.

New application
Application form sample
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